The March Pin Party

So much of my blog inspiration comes from the black hole that I like to call Pinterest.

Because it is such a huge aspect of what I do here, I thought it would be cool to start sharing some of my favorite Pinterest finds every once in a while:

The Life Aquatic by Andrés Lozano
The Life Aquatic by Andrés Lozano

Tank Girl Cosplay


christoph waltz


The Maid of Tarth

GoGo Picnic

I try to pin regularly! Be sure to stop by!

Item Watch: Pokémon

Jeff and I have been OBSESSED lately with Twitch TV Plays Pokemon. If you aren’t familiar with this, let me break it down for you. What’s happening is someone on Twitch TV setup Pokemon Red to be played by a bot that responds to commands that are said in chat. The result: hundreds of thousands of people at any given time are spamming commands all at once. Hilarity and headache ensues. If you are on Reddit, there is a whole sub Reddit for this and it’s amazing.

Anyways, in honor of Twitch Plays Pokemon (and also my impulsive decision this weekend to buy a 3DS AND Pokemon X), here is the Pokemon flavored Item Roundup:

Item Roundup: PokemonErin uses *WALLET*! It is very effective.
Pokemon Art Print by Penny-Dragon / Jason’s Super Power Strip on Modcloth / Pokemon Badges from Gen5 on Etsy / “Red Companion” by Whitebison / “Poorkemon” by Tiago Moller & Andre Muller / “Pokemon – Ivysaur” Phone Case (and art print) by Cami Sanders / Handmade Magikarp Pokemon Plushie by P1X3LKnitting

…and to make a nice Kiev

Orange is the New Black: The Chicken

FREE WALLPAPER – Orange is the New Black: The Chicken

I just started watching the show Orange is the New Black last Monday, and I am now completely addicted. I know, I am really late on this one. If you haven’t started watching it already, the first season is available on Netflix. It just so happens to be a Netflix original show as well. I HIGHLY recommend it. SO GOOD.

So, here is a quick synopsis about what the show is about. A woman named Piper Chapman is convicted of a crime she committed 10 years prior, and is sentenced to 15 months in federal prison. The show is a glimpse of what it might be like in prison, although I imagine that it’s probably worse in real life. However, Piper’s experience is no cake walk. I am only about half way through the first series, but it has been incredible. Check out the trailer!

Anyways, like I said, I highly recommend this show! It’s amazing. Also- the illustration above is a reference to one of my FAVORITE episodes.

Have you guys seen Orange is the New Black? Do you love it or are you not really into it?

Kickstarter: Geeky Sprinkles

Man oh man! Listen guys:

There is a kickstarter out there from Tara over at The Geeky Hostess for a brand new super clever product called “Geeky Sprinkles.” They are awesome and I must have some. Check out the promo video below, and be sure to donate to Geeky Sprinkles. We all need more police box cupcakes in our lives, don’t you think?

Item Watch: The Hobbit

As many of you might be aware, the movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has now been released, and if you haven’t seen it already, then OMG SEE IT! I have based today’s Item Watch on The Hobbit. I thought it seemed fitting. Take a look:

Item Watch: The Hobbit

Now, go grab your Hobbit feet socks, and go on an adventure!
Halfling and Wizard by Cool Johnny / Hobbit Door Necklace by apocketofwhimsy / Hobbit Feet Socks / Bilbo Baggins Tote Bag by Kaitkut / Dwarf Leggings / Knitted Dwarf Beard / “The Shire” Fragranced Candle by Frostbeard Studio

It’s showtime.

Remember a while back, when I said I wanted to do a fashion series inspired by beloved characters, and then I did this Harry Potter post? Well, it’s time for round 2, and this time it’s Beetlejuice!

Beetlejuice Inspired

I love Beetlejuice. It’s one of my absolute favorite movies, and it just happens to be incredibly iconic! I thought it would be a GREAT theme for my next fashion post, don’t you agree?

Beetlejuice Fashion Watch

Beetlejuice Fashion Post

So, my goal was for you to be able to look at the ensemble, and be reminded of our favorite Michael Keaton character. To achieve that, I tried to make sure the vertical black and white stripes were a major element.

Beetlejuice Fashion Post

The color palette was also very important. In the classic film, there is a lot of greens and purples that surround the character, so I wanted to make sure we had touches of that. We made it happen by adding the blazer, necklace and eye shadows.

Beetlejuice Fashion Post

Lastly, we added his attitude. I definitely wanted that to come through in the photos, and my beautiful model Janelle did a great job!

Beetlejuice Fashion Post

Beetlejuice Fashion Post

And I think that pretty much wraps it up. What do you think? Ready for an exorcism?
Oh, and before I go, please remember: “Never trust the living.”

Beetlejuice Fashion Post

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014

Hello everyone! I am finally back from vacation, and I am feeling refreshed and mighty chipper! I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday and a wonderful and safe New Year’s Day. I wanted to start off 2014 right with a small list of resolutions. Are you ready? Here we go:

- Try to sleep a full 8 hours every night. Sometimes I let video games interfere with that…

- Take more pictures!

- Hang out with my boyfriend and my dog more often. Again, sometimes I let video games interfere with that. Oops!

- Travel to one place I have never been before (have you seen Airbnb? I just discovered it this week, and haven’t been able to pull myself away from it)

- And lastly, take time to appreciate the good work that I’ve done instead of being overwhelmed with what’s next.

Have you made any resolutions for 2014? Feel free to share them here! I’m sure glad to be back. Have a happy New Year!!

Happy RAWRidays!

Christmas Dinosaurs - DIY

So here’s the thing. I have this HUGE bag of plastic dinosaurs I bought at a thrift store and I have been dying to do something with them. Now, I know that dinosaurs aren’t traditionally “nerdy” or “pop-culturey” as much as they are just awesome, but I’m going to approve this as today’s theme, because…. science.

Great, so now that that’s out of the way, here are some fun and festive dinosaurs that you can make with your loved ones this holiday season. Here’s what you will need:

Christmas Dinosaurs - DIY

Items You’ll Need:
- Dinosaur (obviously)
- White Spray Paint
- Sticks to make into “antlers”
- Red Glitter
- Hot Glue/Glue Gun

Step 1:
Make sure you wash your dinosaur- even if it’s new. This is to make sure the spray paint adheres to the dinosaur. You can use plain old dish soap for this step.

Step 2:
Go outside. I know. It’s so warm inside, and that’s where the World of Warcraft is, so I get the temptation to skip this step. However, we need our dinosaurs to look like they are wearing clever disguises in their attempt to catch and EAT Rudolph (muahaha), and to make that happen, they are going to need some make-shift antlers. Which will require some antler shaped sticks. You can get them outside… unless you live somewhere really desolate and stick-less, then you might have to go to a Michael’s or a Hobby Lobby.

Once you have your sticks, cut and sand them (if necessary) into antler like shapes.

Christmas Dinosaurs - DIY

Step 3:
Now that your dinosaur has had a bath, and your sticks have been turned into little antlers, it’s time to get your hot glue gun. Hot glue the antlers onto the dinosaur, and let them dry completely.

Step 4:
After the glue has dried, take your dinosaur and spray paint outside – preferably on some disposable paper or cardboard box.

Spray paint your dinosaur one side at a time, making sure to get all the nooks and crannies. Best practice when using spray paint is to shake the can REALLY well, and then do a couple of test sprays on some paper to make sure there are no air bubbles or clumped paint. Hold the can about 5-6 inches above the object you are spray painting. Let dry about 10-15 minutes.

Step 4:
Once the dinosaur is done drying, flip it over, and repeat the last step.

Christmas Dinosaurs - DIY

Step 5:
Once the paint is dried, check to see if the dinosaur is fully covered in paint. If some of the original color is still showing you may need to do one or two more coats. If this is the case, repeat steps 3 and 4 until the dinosaur is completely white (or whatever other color you have chosen to do…. maybe gold? That would be awesome… Someone should do gold).

Step 6:
If your dinosaur is finished with the paint sequence, bring it inside. Get the hot glue gun and create a glue glob on the tip of it’s nose. Cover that glob in red glitter- and don’t be shy with it! Really get that red glitter on there. Once it’s dry it should look something like this:

Christmas Dinosaur - DIY

You can add extra garnishes to it, like little holly leaves or jingle bells! Put them around the house for a festive, yet terrifying feel and a GREAT conversation starter!

Christmas Dinosaur - DIY

Happy Holidays!

Boom! Get It Girrlll!

Comic Book Dress Style

Last week for Thanksgiving, I was able to take a trip back home to California to see my family. As it so happens, my sister models from time to time. She’s also a huge nerd like the rest of our family. Those two things together made for an obvious style post! Obviously ;)

Comic Book Dress Style

Comic Book Dress Style

Comic Book Dress Style

I asked my sister to just put something together. She has a very eclectic style, so I knew she would come up with something fun and different. Boy, did she deliver! Purple wig! Comic book dress! WHAT?! Somehow she made all those crazy things work! It was amazing.

Comic Book Dress Style

Comic Book Dress Style

Comic Book Dress Style

Comic Book Dress Style

So there you go, fellow geeks! Going out? All you need is a purple wig and some studded shoes ;)

Get the outfit!
Wig \\ Shoes \\ Dress (similar) \\ Beanie \\ Water Gun (similar)

Lady Gaga

Today I am going to dive into the “Pop Culture” part of the Pixel Party with one of my absolute favorites: Lady Gaga.


It’s true. I have an unhealthy obsession with THE Mother Monster. I created this piece a while back when her last album “Born This Way” released. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I really needed to express my love in a creative way.

Her new album, “Artpop” has recently come out, and again, I can NOT stop listening to it, nor can I stop watching every live video she has released thus far. Also, warning- that video I linked to is a little…. scandalous…. but it’s my FAVORITE right now and all my good judgement has gone right out the window.

Guys, don’t get jealous, but I even got to see her last year at the Born This Way Ball. It was everything I ever wanted…. She even became a motorcycle at one point.
….. not a typo– SHE BECAME A MOTORCYCLE! It was glorious.

So, talk to me. Help me feel less crazy. Are you a fan of any ridiculous celebrities? This is a judgement free zone, so share away!